Feeling a little sluggish after yesterday's turkey indulgence? We've got you covered in 21 minutes with Lou's no equipment workout.

You'll go up + over the Christmas tree from left to right three times. 

Round 1: 30 seconds work on each exercise, followed by 30 seconds rest.

Round 2: 45 seconds work on each exercise, followed by 15 seconds rest.

Round 3: 50 seconds work on exercise, followed by 10 seconds rest.

Get someone to time you or download a free Interval Timer app yourself. Scroll down for reminders of each exercise.

DM us a photo on of you in action/on completion on Instagram. The best photo wins a free workout.

Star jumps: Jump as high as you can spreading your arms + legs like a star. Come back to touch floor.

Reverse lunges: Stand feet hip width. Take a big step behind you into a lunge. Alternate legs.

Walkout into press up: From standing, walk your hands out into a plank. Press up at the bottom. Walk your hands back in to standing.

Jumping lunges: Stand feet hip width. Take a big step forward into a lunge. As you come back to standing, jump + switch legs.

Plank jacks: Get into a high plank (as if you’re doing a press up). Jump your feet out + back in.

Squat sprints: Hold a squat position + sprint on the spot, staying low.

Plank twist: Come into a plank on your forearms. Twist your body from side to side so your hips touch the floor on each side.

Enjoy, we'll see you on the other side ...