Myself and my cofounder Beth recently decided to close The Hard Yard. It was not an easy decision. I want to give you some more information about how we arrived at this point, celebrate our wins + talk about what's next.

We first pitched the idea for The Hard Yard in May 2016. It was a big vision; a fitness company that would offer opportunities to hundreds of talented individuals who were struggling with their first job after prison. 

Over the past two years we've worked hard to bring that vision alive, + in many ways we have succeeded. We've taken on four employees after prison, worked with five prisons + trained many more clients.

However, to grow the company + reach the scale of impact we'd originally envisaged - to employ hundreds of talented individuals after prison - we needed to raise money: £150k to complete the next stage of our plan. Unfortunately, we weren't able to raise that investment. Without it, The Hard Yard remains a small-scale business rather than a brand + movement to provide hundreds of jobs. Our current model doesn't do the vision or the talents of our trainers justice, so with much thought we have decided to close.

Our trainers will continue working in London and details of where you can train with them will be sent out to our mailing list in due course.

In the meantime, thank you for your support - we couldn't have done it without you.