We love to hear from members of our community about the difference our workouts have made to their lives. Here, dedicated member Tara tells us why she started training with The Hard Yard + why she keeps coming back.

I have always found fitness classes overwhelming. Watching others breeze through the moves while I struggle to keep up. Feeling the pressure from the instructor to get it right. I would usually leave with a sense of shame. I would feel like I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was. My anxiety would be out of control. I would not go back.

At the end of last year I was having a particularly challenging time with my mental health, so my friend Ellen invited me to go to The Hard Yard. She said it made her feel great.

I have now been to The Hard Yard over 20 times.

When I am depressed I find it hard to get out of bed, to get dressed, to wash myself, to eat. I have moments of deep anxiety when I find it hard to leave my flat. My whole body feels heavy. I want to sink into the ground, enveloped in the hot earth, where I imagine that everything is quiet and still. Exercise is not a priority. To move seems impossible.

I’m not going to sit here and write that a single workout class helped me overcome my anxiety or pull through the depths of my depression. We all know it’s much bigger than that. But coming to The Hard Yard definitely helped me. It’s unlike any other group fitness class I’ve ever been to.

No one breezes through the moves. Everyone goes at their own pace, led by excellent trainers who really care about you. It’s okay to fall over. It’s okay to to sit down and take a rest. It’s okay to forget some of your kit (as I often do). There are no judgements in the room. It’s just you, your body, and your challenge. Whatever that might be.

If you do come to a class feel free to say hello. We’re all part of the clan. My challenge was to manage my anxiety. Slowly, with a lot of work, I think it’s happening.

Thank you to L, Lou, Shab, Beth, Frankie and everyone in The Clan (including Ellen).