You can buy your workouts via membership, bundles or individually. The best part is, the more you train with us the more cash you save.

If you've already bought your workouts, click here to view our schedule + book your workouts.

BECOME A MEMBER of our clan.

New for 2018, you can now become a member of The Hard Yard. Unlimited access to all our workouts for just £65 monthly with a rolling membership you can cancel anytime.

If you train with us twice a week, your workouts come out at less than £8 each. So if you're committed to getting your fitness on track this is by far the most cost efficient way to train. Forget being lost in the gym or pacing streets alone in the rain. With our support + motivation this can be the time you stick with fitness + train with experts to ensure you get results.


If you're not ready to commit to membership why not try us out over the next few weeks + see how you find training with us? You can get a feel for the different workouts + trainers + have a chat to our other customers too to see how The Hard Yard works for them. Whether you're a pro athlete or a beginner, it's egos at the door at The Hard Yard - we're in it together. 

JUST CURIOUS? buy a single workout.

If you're wondering what we're all about but you don't want to commit to membership, buying your workouts one at a time might work well for you initially. 

If you've been out of training for a while, or you're a total beginner, the first step is always the hardest. But clicking the button below to book might be the first small step you make on a big journey. Go on, be brave. Otherwise, be curious ...