our mentality.

In prison, everything is stripped back to basics + every day follows a routine.

With this simplicity comes opportunity. You have time. You have focus. While many things are out of your control, one thing you can do is train; harder than ever.

We used the discipline of prison life to develop rigorous training regimes that transformed our fitness.

We know the power of training together with others + the potential of a group mentality determined to make permanent, positive change.

What's more, we're used to working under a strict schedule. No dead time. No selfies. Just give us 45 minutes of your time + we'll show you what your body + mind is capable of. It's more than you think.






Structure is key to progress. That's why we've designed a way for you to focus your training on specific goals. Just speak to one the team at the end of your next workout to find out how we can support you to achieve your goals.



Catch some serious air with an explosive workout that gets you running faster, jumping higher + pushing harder. Stay on your toes throughout + time will fly.



Shock your system into action with an intense cardio workout that will push your limits. Get your endorphins pumping + feel your fitness improve week on week.



Learn to lift + shift your own bodyweight. It's harder than you think. Build strong, lean muscle with a slower paced workout designed to challenge your body + mind.