"I pride myself on bringing you guys tough workouts. Expect high intensity interval training packed full of cardio, explosive movements + influenced by my background in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). For me, the benefits of training go beyond the physical; we're talking about a clear mind, positive energy flow + the feeling of being re-energised."



"Fitness should be a balance between fun + hard work. Expect something a bit different in my workouts. Right now, I'm exploring animalistic, primal movements. I'm known for my playlists. If it's going to be a challenging workout, you need a good beat to keep you going. Fitness is a powerful thing; it's capable of breaking you down + rebuilding a faster, stronger version of you."



"I love to structure my workouts so you really feel the burn on each muscle group. With me, you can expect quick-fire agility drills mixed with more controlled strength work. My workouts are all influenced by the way I train - American Football mixed with weights. Personally, I use training as a tool to improve my daily life. After one of my workouts you'll feel like you can take anything on."